My Experience Interning at Sam’s Club – An Inside Look at this Exciting Opportunity

Landing a Coveted Retail Internship and Making the Most of It

Hey everyone! My name is Jamie and I’m a junior marketing major at State University. I’m super excited to share with you my experience interning this past summer in the marketing department at Sam’s Club (official website).

I know internships at major retail chains like Sam’s Club are highly coveted, so I wanted to give you an inside look at what the application process was like, what I worked on during my internship, and some tips on how to land one of these internships yourself. So whether you’re just starting to look at internships or are deep in the application process, hopefully you’ll find this post helpful!

A Little Background on Sam’s Club

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Sam’s Club is a membership-only retail warehouse club owned and operated by Walmart. It’s similar to Costco or BJ’s. Sam’s Club sells everything from furniture and electronics to pantry items and tires in a warehouse format. Most clubs also have pharmacies, tire shops, and fuel stations.

Sam’s Club has nearly 600 stores across the United States and Puerto Rico. It employs over 100,000 associates and serves over 45 million members. The company is based in Arkansas, like its parent company Walmart.

I was specifically an intern in the marketing department at the Sam’s Club Home Office in Bentonville, Arkansas. This is where all the corporate employees work.

The Different Types of Internships at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club offers both corporate and field internships across a variety of departments including:

  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Operations
  • Loss prevention
  • Pharmacy
  • Optical
  • Technology
  • Supply chain
  • Food technology

The field internships take place in individual Sam’s Club locations and regional distribution centers. These are more hands-on operational roles.

The corporate internships take place at the Home Office and tend to be more focused on analytics, strategy, and support functions.

Within each department, there are numerous teams and projects interns could be staffed on. For marketing alone there were teams for customer insights, promotions, social media, email marketing, and more.

My Application and Interview Process

I knew I wanted to apply for the marketing internship at Sam’s Club because I was interested in working on brand management and campaigns. Here are the steps I took to secure my internship:

  • September: Started researching opportunities on Sam’s Club’s careers site and built out a spreadsheet to track positions and deadlines.
  • October: Began working on my resume and cover letters. Reached out to upperclassmen who previously interned at Sam’s Club for advice.
  • November: Applied online for 5 marketing intern positions I was interested in. Made sure my resume was tailored to each role.
  • December: Heard back that I received an interview for the Email Marketing Intern position! Did a phone interview with the intern program recruiter.
  • January: Completed a video interview with the Email Marketing team I was applying for. Focused on examples of my collaboration, communication, and analytical skills. Practiced interview questions!
  • February: Was offered the internship! Completed HR onboarding paperwork and arranged housing for the summer in Bentonville.

My biggest tips for the interview process are to practice common questions, emphasize real examples of your skills and achievements, and send thank you notes to your interviewers after. I also researched the Email Marketing team’s current campaigns and priorities so I could speak to those in my interview.

Internship Job Responsibilities and Projects

As the Email Marketing Intern, I supported the team with campaign creation, performance reporting, list segmentation, and email content development. Here were some of my primary projects and responsibilities:

  • Optimized templates and layouts for email campaigns: Reviewed existing email templates and provided suggestions to improve mobile responsiveness and branding. Created A/B test drafts of emails to compare performance.
  • Developedweekly reports on email metrics: Pulled data on email open rates, clickthrough rates, and unsubscribe rates. Analyzed trends and created presentations to report insights and recommendations to the larger team.
  • Created customer personas and segments: Performed research and analysis on our member demographics and purchasing habits. Developed data-driven persona profiles and targeted email lists based on purchase behavior.
  • Wrote copy for promotional emails: Drafted email copy for our Back to School, Black Friday, and Holiday campaigns. Focused on creating compelling subject lines and highlighting relevant products. Went through several rounds of team feedback and refinement on my email copy.
  • Improved processes for email review and approval: Streamlined our internal tracking and feedback process for email creative reviews. Created a template for requesting feedback to ensure all key stakeholders were looped in.
  • Presented final internship deliverables: Towards the end of my internship, I created a presentation on my projects, results, and recommendations. I presented this to my manager and the marketing department head. It was great practice for my public speaking skills!

Internship Takeaways and Tips for the Future

My summer at Sam’s Club really exceeded my expectations. I learned so much about marketing strategy, campaign management, brand voice, and cross-team collaboration. I also made great connections with other interns, managers, and associates across the Home Office.

Here are my biggest takeaways and tips if you’re looking to intern at Sam’s Club:

  • Really take time on your application materials – resume, cover letters, interviews. The process is competitive so make your skills and passion shine through.
  • Be open to different teams and potential projects. My role wasn’t what I exactly pictured but I learned so much. Keep an open mind!
  • Ask questions and get to know your team/department. Don’t be shy reaching out to associates at all levels to learn more about their roles.
  • Manage up and take initiative. Look for opportunities to take on responsibility and drive results rather than waiting for assignments.
  • Utilize all the intern events and programming. From guest speakers to baseball games, there are great opportunities to meet others.
  • Develop relationships that will last beyond your internship. I plan to stay in touch with my manager and fellow interns as part of my professional network.
  • Have fun! Bentonville has so many arts, outdoor activities, and other attractions to explore outside of work as well.

Let me know if you have any other specific questions! I could go on and on but wanted to provide a nice overview of my experience at Sam’s Club. I’m happy to chat more about the application process, work responsibilities, company culture, or life in Bentonville as an intern. Wishing you the best of luck in your internship search!

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