1.5ct Oval Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring Set – Vintage Floral Halo Design Ring in 10k Gold


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Capture the romantic beauty of eternal love with this exquisite oval moissanite engagement ring set. The 1.5 carat center moissanite stone dazzles with show-stopping brilliance, framed by a petite halo of glimmering moissanite rounds. Feminine floral detailing carved into the solid 10k gold band adds vintage charm. This ring set is expertly crafted to lock in sparkle and symbolize your cherished commitment for a lifetime.

Timeless Luxury

From the moment you see it, this ring set evokes a sense of classic elegance and style. The oval cut moissanite in an ornate halo setting sits gracefully atop a hand-carved floral wedding band, creating an effortlessly romantic look. This ring combo is designed to wow at every angle.

The 1.5 carat center stone steals the show with its optical precision. 57 facets radiate truer colorless brilliance than a mined diamond – at a fraction of the price. Fiery rainbow flashes dance across the translucent stone as it catches the light. Surrounding it, a frame of smaller moissanite rounds adds extra shine and dimension.

Below, the solid 10k gold band is sculpted in an intricate floral pattern inspired by antique styles. This romantic detailing gives the set a beautiful vintage aesthetic, sure to stand the test of time. The underside of the band is engraved with your initials, making it uniquely yours.

Our Passion is Excellence

Every detail of this exquisite ring set meets our unwavering standards for luxury quality…


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