11.20 ct Garnet & 0.36 ct Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Ring


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Add Regal Radiance to Your Look with This 14K Yellow Gold and Gemstone Ring

Adorn your finger in luxury with this exquisite 14K yellow gold ring featuring an eye-catching 11.20 ct garnet center stone surrounded by 0.36 ct diamonds. The dazzling 3⁄4 inch wide band highlights an elegant oval-cut deep red garnet, accented by 12 round diamond-colored gemstones and 24 round bright red garnets.

This sophisticated ring makes a statement with its bold combination of vibrant red garnets and sparkling diamonds set in warm 14K gold. The polished gold band provides a rich backdrop that allows the gems to truly shine. Whether worn for a special occasion or every day, this substantial ring emanates chic style.

The oval-shaped center garnet displays the deep red hue the gemstone is prized for. Garnets have been cherished since ancient times for their stunning color and mystical powers. Red garnets are thought to revitalize feelings of love and romance. The diamond-colored gemstones also add fiery brilliance to this lavish design.

This exquisite ring arrives beautifully gift boxed, ready for presenting to your loved one. Crafted with care, the gems may exhibit natural inclusions and slight variations that add to their authenticity and make each ring uniquely yours. For over 70 years, Ross-Simons has been providing fine jewelry at exceptional values. This garnet and diamond ring makes a distinctive addition to any jewelry collection.

Key Features:

– 14K yellow gold ring with 11.20 ct garnet and 0.36 ct diamonds

– Oval-cut 11.20 ct deep red garnet center stone

– Surrounded by 12 round diamond-colored gemstones (0.36 ct t.w.)

– Accented by 24 round vibrant red garnets

– Polished 14K gold band is 3⁄4 inches wide

– Vibrant red garnets complement diamond-colored stones

– Garnets are thought to stimulate love and romance

– Arrives gift boxed, ready for presenting

Garnet Gemstone:

Garnets have been cherished since ancient times, admired for their stunning range of red hues and mystical healing powers. The name “garnet” comes from the Latin word “granatum” meaning “pomegranate seed,” inspired by the color. These semiprecious gems occur in every color except blue, but vivid red shades are the most popular for jewelry.

The central garnet in this ring is an oval shape that shows off the deep crimson color it’s prized for. Red garnets like almandine and pyrope exude warmth, passion and sensuality. In ancient lore, the garnet was thought to revitalize feelings of love and inspire commitment. People also believed it had protective powers and healing benefits.

Garnets are relatively abundant, making them an affordable gemstone. But their sublime beauty and meaning make them invaluable in special jewelry like engagement rings and anniversary bands. A red garnet ring is a thoughtful way to celebrate lasting love. It makes a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and other occasions.

Diamond-Colored Accents:

This remarkable ring features both garnets and 12 round diamond-colored stones for extra sparkle. Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of enduring love due to their unmatched brilliance, strength and rarity. While natural diamonds are cost prohibitive for most people, you can enjoy the dazzling effect for a fraction of the price with diamond-colored stones.

The round diamond-colored gems encircling the center garnet total 0.36 carats. Their crystalline radiance enhances the regal style of this 14K gold ring. Diamond substitutes have the same optical qualities as mined diamonds. Made of moissanite or white sapphire, they capture light brilliantly to create exceptional fire and sparkle.

The diamond-color stones provide an eye-catching contrast to the bold red garnet. Their scintillating shine gives this ring majestic presence that immediately captures attention. For affordable luxury, diamond-colored gemstones are a great way to achieve the look of diamonds for special occasion jewelry or daily worn pieces.

14K Yellow Gold:

This opulent garnet and diamond ring features a band crafted in 14K yellow gold. The 14K gold content provides ideal balance between the richness of pure 24K gold and the durability and affordability of lower karat alloys. With its warm, buttery color, 14K gold is a flattering setting that lets the colorful gems truly shine.

The high-polish finish gives the band a smooth, luminous look that beautifully complements the glittering stones. More saturated than 10K gold yet less costly than 18K, 14K gold offers the ideal properties for stunning jewelry you can wear worry-free. It retains its shine and requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking like new.

Thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted, this garnet and diamond ring makes a meaningful addition to any fine jewelry collection. It arrives gift boxed so it’s ready to give as a special gift, or as a cherished reward for yourself. For affordable luxury from a trusted jewelry retailer, choose Ross-Simons.


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