14K Yellow Gold Diamond Accented Emerald Cut Aquamarine Engagement Ring


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Cherish your love with this exquisite 14K yellow gold aquamarine engagement ring. The stunning light blue emerald-cut aquamarine stone, representing March’s birthstone, makes a breathtaking centerpiece. Surrounding the aquamarine are six sparkling round white diamonds, adding extra brilliance and symbolizing your eternal commitment.

The split shank band has a braided rope design for a unique embellished look. This textured styling contrasts beautifully with the sleek facets of the aquamarine, making this ring truly eye-catching. The polished 14K gold provides a warm, luminous setting for the dazzling gems.

An Heirloom-Quality Treasured Keepsake

This remarkable ring is crafted from solid 14K yellow gold for lasting luxury you’ll appreciate more each day. The superior quality ensures it will maintain its radiant finish for generations. Give an engagement ring that will be cherished for a lifetime and passed down through the years.

Every detail is precise, from the secure prong setting to the expert engraving work on the band. It’s a testament to the seasoned artistry of our jewelers who handcraft each piece. Your loved one will adore this ring as a symbol of your one-of-a-kind relationship.

Dazzling Aquamarine: The Stone of Courage and Eternal Youth

In addition to embodying March’s birthstone, aquamarine has a rich history tied to its mesmerizing oceanic color. Ancient legends claimed the tranquil blue stone could keep sailors safe at sea and bestow bravery and foresight. Aquamarine was also believed to maintain youthfulness and happiness within a marriage.

These meaningful attributes make aquamarine a fitting choice for an engagement ring. The stone’s soothing hue will remind your beloved of the serenity you provide. Your pledge of fidelity and laughter-filled future together will shine through each time the aquamarine catches the light.

Honor Her Unique Style

The 14K gold and aquamarine pair elegantly in a ring ideal for daily wear. Any woman who appreciates vintage glamour and refined details will adore this artistic yet practical ring. It makes a thoughtful gift for a wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, grandmother, or sister.

Let the aquamarine’s icy brilliance reflect her one-of-a-kind personality. The distinct split shank band styled with braided rope adds a touch of her favorite fashion eras. It’s a keepsake ring she’ll be delighted to wear on special occasions or for casual outings.

Ethically Sourced & American Made

You can feel good knowing this ring promotes ethical practices from beginning to end. The aquamarine is a conflict-free stone from trusted sources. Our artisans handcraft each ring in our California studio using eco-friendly techniques.

We are a small family-run business with decades of jewelry design experience. Our team pours care into every step, from sourcing fine metals and gemstones to expertly setting each stone. Your ring will arrive in a gift box ready for celebrating your special moment.

Complete Your Engagement Ring Set

The unique styling of this engagement ring seamlessly pairs with our matching aquamarine wedding bands. For the bride, we offer a slim diamond-accented band with intricately engraved sides. The groom’s band features a handsome braided rope design to complement the engagement ring.

Exchange vows with rings as unique as your love. Let our aquamarine set symbolize your lifelong journey together. The coordinating elegance will remind you both of the meaningful memories you share each time you glance at your wedding bands.

Celebrate Your Union with Confidence

Our jewelry comes backed by a lifetime warranty and 30-day returns. We ensure your satisfaction with high-quality pieces and dedicated customer service. You can purchase worry-free knowing we’ll address any issues promptly and graciously.

Start a lifetime of happiness with our conflict-free aquamarine engagement ring. The dazzling gemstone set in warm 14K gold celebrates the joy you’ve found together. Let true craftsmanship honor a sacred union built to last.


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