3 Carat Radiant Cut Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring – Luxurious VVS1 Clarity


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Make a show-stopping proposal with this stunning 3 carat radiant cut moissanite halo engagement ring. The dazzling moissanite center stone is surrounded by a halo of additional stones for maximum sparkle and brilliance. This ring oozes luxury, making it the perfect way to pop the question to your beloved.


  • Metal: Solid 10k gold in white, yellow or rose gold
  • Center stone: 3 carat radiant cut moissanite
  • Halo: 0.54 carats of round moissanite accents
  • Moissanite clarity: VVS1 (very very slightly included)
  • Moissanite color: D colorless
  • Setting: Secure 4-prong basket setting
  • Band width: 2mm

This showstopping ring features a 3 carat radiant cut moissanite center stone, ideal cut to maximize fire and brilliance. Moissanite has a higher refractive index than a diamond, meaning it has double the fire and shine. The VVS1 clarity grade means only minuscule inclusions are visible under 10x magnification. The D color grade is completely colorless and outperforms a G-H diamond.

Surrounding the focal stone is a halo of 0.54 carats of smaller round moissanite accents. This amplifies the sparkle factor even further. The stones are precisely set in a durable 4-prong basket setting crafted in solid 10k gold. You have the choice of white, yellow or rose gold to perfectly match her style.

An Engagement Ring Built to Last

At the core, this ring is built keep her happily wearing it for years to come. The 10k gold provides structure and durability to protect the precious stones. Moissanite itself is remarkably resistant to scratching, chipping, or breaking. It outperforms diamond in toughness.

Moissanite holds its brilliance and fire forever unlike a diamond which can get cloudy. The stones maintain their colorless clarity rather than taking on a yellow tint over time. Day after day, year after year, she’ll be proud to show off this ring’s stunning beauty.

An Ethical, Conflict-Free Alternative to Mined Diamonds

Moissanite provides the look of a premium diamond at only a fraction of the price. It offers the same brilliance and fire without the ethical concerns that come with mined diamonds. Moissanite is crafted in a laboratory under strict quality control. The production process has less environmental impact than diamond mining.

This moissanite engagement ring comes beautifully packaged in a luxury ring box, ready for proposing. The gorgeous design rivals rings 3x the price. Give her the gift of luxury and brilliance she’ll cherish forever. Browse our collection for wedding bands and moissanite jewelry that matches the impeccable quality of this ring.


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