Angara Natural Ruby and Diamond Solitaire Pendant Necklace in 14k Gold – July Birthstone Fine Jewelry for Her


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Celebrate July’s rich, red ruby, the king of gemstones, with this breathtaking ruby and diamond solitaire pendant necklace by Angara. This stunning pendant features a vibrant, natural AAA-quality 0.25 carat ruby, the July birthstone, bezel set in a gleaming four prong setting of 14k white gold. Above the brilliant ruby is a sparkling round diamond weighing 0.057 carats, set in a graceful claw prong setting, adding extra sparkle and elegance. The scintillating ruby has a deep, rich red hue, full of fire, perfect for harnessing the symbolic properties of passion, prosperity and protection associated with rubies.

Ruby pendant necklace

The dazzling ruby pendant hangs from an 18 inch box chain crafted from luminous 14k white gold, allowing the pendant to rest perfectly just below the collarbone. The pendant measures 0.43 x 0.43 inches, a petite but noticeable size that makes a statement without being overwhelming. This stunning ruby necklace makes the perfect gift for any special occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or as a romantic gesture any time of year.

For the perfect touch, the pendant is packaged in an Angara signature gift box, ready for giving. Each Angara piece is crafted with care in their own state of the art workshops, each set with precious gemstones and metals. Angara provides a certificate of authenticity with every piece, assuring you of the quality of your jewelry.

Details of the Angara Natural Ruby and Diamond Solitaire Necklace:

  • AAA quality natural ruby weighing 0.25 carats
  • Sparkling round diamond weighing 0.057 carats set above ruby
  • Ruby and diamond set in claw and bezel 14k white gold settings
  • 18 inch box chain included, crafted in 14k white gold
  • Complimentary Angara gift box included
  • Ruby is July’s birthstone
  • 0.43 x 0.43 inch ruby pendant
  • Certificate of authenticity provided

About Rubies

The ruby has been revered for millennia, infused in legend and myth. In Sanskrit, the word for ruby translates to “king of precious stones.” This regal moniker accurately represents the ruby’s rarity and value. Of the corundum family, rubies are the rarest, occurring in just a few locations around the world. Their signature fiery red color comes from the element chromium.

Only the finest rubies have the highly saturated, vivid red color that makes them so coveted. The more chromium a ruby contains, the purer its red color and the greater its value. Fine rubies have excellent light refraction, appearing to glow from within. This luminous quality gives rubies their captivating beauty.

Ruby Meaning and Symbolism

In ancient Hindu texts, the ruby was called the “gem of gems” and associated with Rajarajeshwar, the god of kings. Hindus believed divine rubies decorated the hilt of Rajarajeshwar’s sword. The ruby’s deep red color linked it to blood and thus life and vitality.

This association with blood also connected the ruby to courage, as warriors possessed bravery and valor. During Burma’s patriotic uprising against British colonial rule in the late 1800s, ruby jewelry was worn as a symbol of defiance and nationalism.

In Western culture, the ruby symbolizes love and passion, making it a favored gemstone for romantic rings and pendants. The vivid red hue represents powerful emotions like desire and affection. For these reasons, ruby makes a meaningful gift within romantic relationships.

The ruby is also tied to prosperity, success and protection. Its dark red radiance is thought to attract favorable outcomes, repel misfortune and ward away nightmares. No wonder rubies make popular talismans and amulets.

As the birthstone for July, ruby makes the perfect gift for a loved one born in the summertime month ruled by the ardent sun. Ruby jewelry and pendants symbolize the warm vibrancy of July.

Caring for Your Ruby Jewelry

As one of the Big Four precious gemstones, along with sapphire, emerald and diamond, ruby rates a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. This durability makes ruby jewelry ideal for everyday wear. But take care to remove ruby rings, bracelets and necklaces before exposing jewelry to household chemicals, heat or strong impacts that can still scratch or fracture ruby.

Clean ruby with warm water and a mild soap. Soak the jewelry briefly and gently scrub with a soft brush. Avoid ultrasonic and steam cleaners which can damage rubies. After cleaning, pat jewelry dry with a soft cloth. Store ruby pieces separately from other gems and metals to prevent scratches.

Add Some Passionate Ruby Sparkle!

Make a statement with this eye-catching ruby and diamond pendant necklace from Angara. The focal glowing ruby exudes fiery brilliance, perfect for representing passion, prosperity and protection. Give the gift of ravishing ruby symbolism to yourself or a loved one.


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