Breathtaking Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring in 10K White Gold – September Birthstone Jewelry


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Make a dazzling statement with this exquisite emerald-cut natural sapphire ring. The eye-catching center blue sapphire weighs over 1 carat, with an elegant rectangular shape that reflects light in lush tones. Surrounding the sapphire is a halo of 16 round single-cut diamonds weighing 0.19 carats total, adding extra sparkle and sophistication. Both stones are securely prong set in luminous 10 karat white gold for a setting that’s built to last.

This genuine sapphire ring embodies faithfulness, loyalty and lasting romance. As September’s birthstone, it makes a meaningful gift for the special Virgo or Libra in your life. Sapphire is also the traditional 5th and 45th wedding anniversary gem, symbolizing commitment and deep affection.

For everyday elegance, this versatile statement ring works beautifully as part of a stacked ring look or worn alone. The halo of diamonds acts as a slenderizing illusion to elongate the fingers. It’s perfect for women who admire timeless designs with a touch of modern beauty.

A Brilliant Sapphire Ring, Ethically Sourced for Radiance that Inspires

The emerald-cut natural sapphire in this ring is certified genuine and untreated, selected for its vivid blue color. With no enhancements or diffusion treatments, the sapphire has an unparalleled luminosity that artificial processes can diminish. We also adhere to responsible sourcing standards, so you can feel good knowing this sapphire is ethically obtained.

The 10K white gold band provides a strong, durable base to showcase the sapphire’s beauty. Each ring is carefully handcrafted to maintain the integrity of the natural stones and quality of precious metals. The secure prong setting protects the sapphire while allowing light to enter from all angles.

As a family-owned business, we stand behind our jewelry with a 60 day free return policy. We individually inspect each piece before it ships to ensure it meets our uncompromising quality standards. Your satisfaction means the world to us.

Give a Sapphire Ring That Honors Tradition and Lasting Love

A sapphire ring is a memorable way to celebrate life’s meaningful moments. The September birthstone carries rich symbolism and lore, making sapphire perfect for:

  • Birthday gifts – September’s breathaking birthstone
  • Anniversary gifts – the 5th and 45th year gemstone honoring marital joy
  • Engagement rings – sapphire’s beauty reflects everlasting commitment
  • Mother’s rings – create a family treasure with her birthstone
  • Right hand rings – sapphire adds striking color and intrigue
  • Bridesmaids gifts – thank your wedding party with this gem of sincerity
  • Push presents for moms – honor her expanding family with a sapphire’s legacy
  • Graduation gifts – mark achievements and bright futures with this stone of wisdom
  • Just because – sapphire’s allure brings joy whenever it’s gifted

Our collection of diamond and sapphire rings offers high-quality, handcrafted pieces that will become family treasures. Each natural sapphire is specially chosen for its vivid blue radiance. The diamonds provide extra sparkle while the 10K white gold band lends a modern, sleek look.

Give a gift that celebrates her unique spirit with this Breathtaking Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring.

Caring for Your Sapphire Ring

Take care of your sapphire ring so you can enjoy its flawless beauty. Sapphires rate 9 on the Mohs scale, making them extremely durable gemstones. However, their metal settings can be more prone to damage. Store sapphire rings safely in a fabric-lined jewelry box, individually wrapped in soft cloth or paper.

Clean your sapphire ring at home using warm water, mild soap and a soft brush. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid exposure to chemicals like chlorine, bleach or detergents as this can erode the metals over time. It’s best to remove sapphire rings before physical activities like exercising, gardening or cleaning.

With occasional cleaning and safe storage, your sapphire ring will maintain its radiant blue sparkle for many years to come. Pass down this September birthstone ring as a beloved heirloom honoring life’s brightest moments.


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