Dazzlingrock Princess Diamond Engagement Ring Set in Sterling Silver – An Elegant and Timeless Symbol of Your Love


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This exquisite Dazzlingrock Collection engagement ring set beautifully captures the essence of true love with its dazzling princess-cut and round diamonds totaling 2.10 carats. Crafted in lustrous 925 sterling silver, this bridal set is both elegant and timeless – destined to be cherished for generations.

The engagement ring features a breathtaking 1.30 carat princess-cut diamond as its centerpiece. Princess-cut diamonds are renowned for their brilliance and fire, with their square shape maximizing light return. This diamond dazzles with an I-J color grade and I2-I3 clarity, allowing its inner radiance to shine through.

Flanking either side of the central stone are additional princess-cut diamonds, their sharp corners and facets catching and reflecting light in a mesmerizing display. These princess diamonds extend halfway down the band in an eye-catching chevron design, adding extra sparkle and interest.

The wedding band beautifully complements its partner, with 0.80 carats of round diamonds encircling the ring in an eternity design. Round diamonds are the classic diamond shape, conveying timeless elegance. Their 58 facets optimize light performance, allowing them to dazzle from every angle.

Ethically Sourced and Conflict-Free Diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, we firmly believe they should represent love – not pain. That’s why all diamonds used in Dazzlingrock jewelry are ethically sourced and conflict-free. You can rest assured these diamonds follow legal and moral practices at every step, from the mines to your finger.

Superior Quality Craftsmanship

Dazzlingrock proudly handcrafts each piece of jewelry to the highest standards. Using advanced techniques and expert craftsmen, they achieve excellent symmetry, polish and alignment in every ring.

The diamonds are securely set in claw or channel settings to prevent loss while allowing maximum light entry. And the 925 sterling silver construction provides lasting durability and shine. Each ring is stamped with the Dazzlingrock name, serving as a mark of quality.

The Perfect Symbol of Your Relationship

A diamond ring set serves as the ultimate representation of your relationship and future together. The dazzling diamonds reflect the depth of your love, while the circle shape signifies the eternal and unbreakable bond you share.

This ring will look stunning on your fiancée’s finger, serving as a daily reminder of your vows and continuing affection. Let it be a cherished symbol of your shared past, present and future.

Ideal for Any Occasion

Whether you choose this ring set for your proposal, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or another special occasion, it’s guaranteed to delight. The timeless beauty and sparkle make it a ring she’ll treasure forever.

For engagements, the princess-cut center diamond makes a noticeable and dramatic statement. And the wedding band seamlessly completes the bridal set, uniting your lives and love.

As an anniversary gift, this ring evokes enduring commitment and passion – the facets of a successful marriage. There’s no better way to honor your journey thus far and the bright future ahead.

Superior Customer Service

Dazzlingrock takes customer satisfaction seriously. Their products are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, allowing you to return the item for any reason for a full refund or exchange. Their helpful customer service team is available to answer any product questions or assist with any aspects of your purchase.

A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

This ring set is sure to become an heirloom passed down for generations. The timeless design and superior craftsmanship ensure it will maintain its beauty and sentimental value. Every time she looks at this ring or shows it off to friends, your loved one will be reminded of your special bond and the meaningful story behind it.

Let this Dazzlingrock ring be the start of a lifetime of making memories together. A shining symbol of your past, present and future.


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