Elaine Coyne Collectible Artwear Classic Sea Turtle Cuff Bracelet – Verdigris Patina Brass


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Experience the beauty of the ocean with this stunning sea turtle cuff bracelet from acclaimed jewelry artist Elaine Coyne. Handcrafted from verdigris patina brass, this wide cuff-style bracelet evokes the natural splendor of these gentle ocean creatures. The rich, antiqued patina finish and finely sculpted sea turtle design reflect Elaine Coyne’s dedication to quality artisan jewelry.

Life-Like Sea Turtle Design

Measuring approximately 1 inch wide, the bracelet features a beautifully sculpted sea turtle motif. The artisan has expertly shaped the brass into a graceful sea turtle with intricate detailing on the shell, fins, head, and flippers. The verdigris patina gives the sea turtle a striking aged appearance, as if it has lived in the ocean depths for years. This lifelike turtle design makes a meaningful addition to any ocean-lover’s jewelry collection.

High Quality Patina Brass Construction

Elaine Coyne jewelry is crafted from solid brass sourced in the United States. The brass is permanently coated in a verdigris patina finish using Elaine Coyne’s special torched technique. This artisanal method involves heating the brass and applying unique chemical solutions to create a rich, aged patina in shades of green and blue. The patina will not rub or fade over time. An acrylic coating is also applied to help protect and preserve the patina finish.

Handcrafted by Skilled Artisans

Located in Santa Barbara, California, each Elaine Coyne piece goes through a artistic jewelry making process from start to finish. Elaine Coyne personally trains each artisan, teaching them her specialized torching and patina methods. Just as a sculpture is shaped by hand, every sea turtle bracelet is meticulously formed and finished by the artisan’s skilled hands. This quality handcrafting ensures the bracelet’s excellent craftsmanship and lasting beauty.

Adjustable Cuff Design Slips On and Off With Ease

The wide cuff bracelet is designed with an adjustable opening for quick on and off wearing. The malleable patina brass can flex slightly to accommodate wrists of various sizes. Once on, the cuff bracelet provides a comfortable, secure fit. The smooth interior won’t pinch or scratch the skin. The sea turtle design wraps elegantly around the outside of the wrist for prominent display.

Wearable Art Piece or Thoughtful Gift

This striking sea turtle bracelet functions beautifully as wearable art. The rich patina colors and inspiring sea turtle motif make a fashionable statement piece for any outfit. For the ocean lover or turtle enthusiast, it also makes a wonderful gift. Presented in an elegant jewelry box, this timeless bracelet celebrates their passion for sea turtles and the natural beauty of ocean life.

The Elaine Coyne Collectible Artwear Brand

Elaine Coyne launched her artisan jewelry brand in California in 1978. Her goal was to create meaningful, enduring jewelry and objects imbued with beauty, soul, and craftsmanship. Each handmade piece epitomizes her artistic vision. While many luxury designers focus on precious metals and gemstones, Elaine Coyne lets the artistry of common metals like brass and copper shine. Her unique patina techniques unlock the jewelry metals’ full color potential in stunning hues of blue, green, brown and gold. Overall, Elaine Coyne’s jewelry and home decor celebrates themes like the natural world, family, and empowering women.

Caring for Your Elaine Coyne Sea Turtle Bracelet

To keep your sea turtle bracelet looking its best:

– Avoid submerging in water or prolonged exposure to moisture, as this can damage the patina coating over time. Take bracelet off before bathing, swimming, cleaning, etc.

– Use a soft polishing cloth or dry soft toothbrush to gently remove any dirt buildup on the bracelet.

– Store bracelet in the included jewelry box or fabric pouch when not wearing. This protects the patina finish from scratches.

– Over time, the patina may naturally develop a unique worn look. This patina evolution adds character and reflects the quality handcrafting. However, if you prefer the original patina, have the bracelet re-patinated by a jeweler.

With proper care, your Elaine Coyne sea turtle bracelet will provide lasting enjoyment and remain a treasured addition to your jewelry collection for years to come!


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