Elegant Heart-Shaped Moissanite Engagement Ring Set in 14K Gold – A Timeless Symbol of Your Love


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Express your deepest devotion with this exquisite heart-shaped moissanite engagement ring set from SISGEM. Perfect for popping the big question or exchanging vows on your wedding day, this ring radiates romance with its dazzling center stone and delicate diamond accents.

The eye-catching centerpiece of this ring is a brilliant 2 carat heart-shaped moissanite gemstone. Hand-cut to maximize fire and brilliance, this stone captures light from every angle for a spectacular sparkle. Flanked by a halo of 80 round moissanite stones weighing 1.2 carats total, this ring has an impressive total carat weight of 3.2.

The moissanite stones have an exceptional clarity rating of I1 and color grade of D for optimal transparency and colorless brilliance that rivals a diamond. Their eight hearts and arrows pattern creates a captivating blinking effect inside the stone.

Set in lustrous 14k gold, this ring has outstanding craftsmanship with careful attention to detail. The gold has a purity rating of 58.5% for a beautiful yellow tone that is durable enough for daily wear. Stamped with Au585 and G14K hallmarks, you can be confident in its 14k gold authenticity.

A high polish gives this ring a smooth, shining finish that catches the light. The settings have shared claw prongs to securely hold each stone in an elegant minimalist design. Undergallery cutouts give the ring a delicate, feminine look.

This ring is available in ring sizes 5 to 11 so you can find the perfect fit. SISGEM provides free custom engraving inside the band for a sentimental personal touch. The design makes for a comfortable, lightweight feel on the finger.

The Perfect Way to Say “I Love You”

There’s no better way to profess your deepest love than with a heart-shaped ring. The heart is universally recognized as a symbol of love and romance. Your bride-to-be will cherish this ring as a meaningful reminder of your proposal and wedding for years to come.

This ring allows you to get the look of a large center diamond at a fraction of the price. Moissanite has fire and brilliance rivaling a diamond for a stunning look without the high cost. The 14k gold setting gives it the beautiful sparkle and durability of a diamond engagement ring.

From the moment you get down on one knee to present this showstopping ring, it will hold special meaning in both your hearts. She’ll proudly wear this ring next to her wedding band for life as a testament to your everlasting love and commitment.

The Perfect Engagement Ring and Wedding Set

This dazzling moissanite ring makes for a perfect engagement ring she’ll never want to take off. The unique heart-shaped gem surrounded by a halo of diamonds speaks volumes about your love at first sight. After your walk down the aisle, her wedding band will fit beautifully next to this ring.

Since this ring is available in a wide range of sizes, you can secretly find out her ring size or surprise her with the perfect fit. SISGEM even provides free custom engraving so you can add a special message inside the band making it uniquely hers.

From your romantic proposal to exchanging vows on your wedding day, this bridal set honors your love story. She can proudly wear it daily as a symbol of your marriage and everlasting bond.

Unbeatable Quality & Craftsmanship

This ring upholds the highest standards of quality with moissanite gemstones and 14k gold designed for lasting beauty and durability. The stones have excellent clarity for optimal sparkle and light refraction you expect from a colorless diamond.

Skilled jewelers expertly handcraft each ring paying special attention to details. The shared prong setting and undergallery provide completely secure hold on the stones while amplifying their brilliance. Careful polishing results in a smooth gold finish.

Made from 58.5% pure 14k gold alloyed with other metals, this ring meets standards for gold purity and hypoallergenic wear. The Au585 and 14k stamps inside the band certify its authentic high-quality gold content.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Surprise your loved one with this stunning ring as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or any special occasion. The exquisite jewelry box adds to the excitement when you present it to your love.

As an engagement ring, it will hold a special place in her heart as a symbol of your commitment. Or, it can be cherished as a spectacular anniversary ring reminding you both of the magic of your wedding day.

This ring is sure to bring a smile to her face and happy tears to her eyes when you give it as a heartfelt gift. She’ll think of your thoughtfulness and deep love for her each time she looks down at its sparkling beauty.

Complete Confidence & Satisfaction Guaranteed

Shop with confidence knowing SISGEM stands behind their craftsmanship and quality. Each ring undergoes thorough inspection and testing ensuring you receive it in flawless condition. The durable 14k gold and moissanite stones are designed for a lifetime of wear.

If you need a custom ring size outside the 5 to 11 range, SISGEM’s team will work with you to tailor it perfectly. Their excellent customer service team promptly responds within 24 hours if you ever have any questions or concerns about your ring.

Give your true love the engagement ring she’s always dreamed of with this dazzling heart-shaped moissanite ring set from SISGEM. Let the glowing radiance of this ring reflect the light of your love as you start your life together.


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