Exquisite Natural Emerald and Diamond Solitaire Pendant Necklace in 14K Gold


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This stunning solitaire pendant features an exquisite 1.5 carat natural emerald gemstone accented by sparkling round diamonds. The emerald’s vivid green hue evokes the essence of springtime, making this pendant a perfect birthstone gift for May.

The emerald’s vibrancy results from its top-grade clarity and rich color saturation. Careful faceting enhances the gem’s brilliance. A four-prong setting secures the emerald while allowing maximum light refraction.

Flanking the emerald, a line of 10 round near-colorless diamonds add extra sparkle. Total diamond weight is 0.234 carats. A delicate bail connects the solitaire setting to an included 18 inch box chain, allowing the pendant to rest elegantly at the collarbone.

This pendant is crafted from solid 14k white gold, known for its bright white luster and resistance to tarnishing. The premium metals and hand-selected gems create a piece of fine jewelry built to become a family heirloom.

Whether given as a birthday, anniversary, or Mother’s Day gift, this pendant makes a thoughtful present for any woman who appreciates timeless elegance. Its versatile styling transitions seamlessly from day to evening wear. For work, it adds understated polish to blouses and suits. On weekends, it dresses up casual outfits. And for special nights out, it provides the perfect finishing touch over cocktail dresses.

From the mines of Columbia and Zambia, the emerald in this pendant exhibits the vivid green only found in gems sourced from these localities. Emeralds from these regions are treasured for their exceptional color saturation, which is why they have adorned royalty throughout history. Cleopatra herself was known to favor Colombian emeralds above all other gems.

This ancient birthstone possesses rich cultural significance. To the Egyptians, it represented fertility and life itself. For the Inca civilization, it stood for vision and clarity. And in Hinduism, emeralds are even dedicated to the goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi.

In astrology, emerald is considered a Mercury-ruled stone, believed to enhance focus and communication skills. It’s an ideal pendant for writers, speakers, or anyone who relies on mental acuity.

For those celebrating a May birthday or anniversary, this emerald pendant makes a meaningful gift emblematic of the month. It’s also a traditional 20th, 35th, and 55th anniversary present expressing a couple’s abiding love and commitment.

Angara provides an excellent emerald pendant crafted from quality materials rarely found in commercial jewelry. All items come with a certificate of authenticity and are carefully packaged in an appealing gift box.

Satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase from Angara’s collection of fine emerald and diamond jewelry. Enjoy free shipping and easy returns if for any reason you are not completely delighted.


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