Gem Stone King Gorgeous January Birthstone Garnet Bracelet and Earrings Set in Rose Gold Plated Silver


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Adorn yourself in radiant garnet jewelry with this exquisite bracelet and earrings set from Gem Stone King. Featuring 8.70 carats of eye-catching oval-cut red garnets, this January birthstone jewelry makes a meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one born in January.

The bracelet and earrings feature a versatile and timeless design that complements any style. The bracelets adjustable chain allows a customized fit up to 9 inches. Meanwhile, the post earrings have friction backings for a secure hold. Both pieces showcase oval garnets in an open bezel setting that allows maximum light to pass through the stones and intensify their rich crimson hue.

Beyond the beautiful garnets, these pieces shine with rose gold plated .925 sterling silver. The pink gold tone is soft, romantic and perfectly complements the red garnets. The silver ensures lasting durability so you can enjoy this set for years to come.

As expected from Gem Stone King, every step adheres to the highest quality standards. Their team meticulously inspects each piece before sending it your way. In the very unlikely event you are unsatisfied, simply return for a full refund thanks to their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Give the gift of timeless elegance and celebrate a January birthday with this exquisite garnet bracelet and earrings set. The rich gems are both beautiful and symbolic, as garnets have long been associated with passion, commitment and energy. Your special January birthday girl will light up when she sees these meaningful gems!

Of course, you certainly don’t have to be born in January to appreciate the beauty of garnet jewelry. This versatile set transitions effortlessly from day to night and works for any occasion from casual daily wear to dressed-up date nights. Surprise your leading lady with these gorgeous garnets as a romantic token of your affections. The deep red stones will make her swoon.

Or simply treat yourself to this eye-catching jewelry and channel your inner goddess. Slip on these timeless and elegant pieces when you need a confidence boost. Garnets invigorating energy will fill you with passion and inspiration to take on the day. Every time you catch a glimpse of these stunning gems, you’ll be reminded of your inner light.

Product Features

  • Oval checkerboard faceted genuine red garnets measuring 7x5mm
  • Total 8.70 carats garnet gemstone weight
  • Jewelry crafted in 925 sterling silver with rose gold plating
  • “925” stamped on the pieces for authenticity
  • Post earrings with friction backings for a secure hold
  • Bracelet chain is adjustable from 6.5 to 9 inches for custom fit
  • Made in the USA for quality assurance
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Comes gift ready in a decorative box with foam insert

Gem Stone King is a leading jewelry company based in New York City. For over two decades, they have specialized in crafting fine gemstone and diamond jewelry. Their team is committed to excellence at every step. From design to quality control and customer service, they adhere to the highest standards.

When you choose Gem Stone King, you can rest assured you are getting stunning pieces backed by their satisfaction promise. Their collections offer both classic and contemporary styles to suit every taste. Thoughtful details like gift packaging make Gem Stone King a go-to for special gifts.

The mission at Gem Stone King is to share the radiance of nature’s gems with the world. They believe jewelry’s meaning goes deeper than beauty alone. Gems have symbolic powers and channel energy according to their color.

Red garnet, the birthstone for January, stimulates passion, commitment and courage. Throughout history, garnets have been exchanged between friends to demonstrate devotion and between lovers as a symbol of eternal love. Garnets also promote inspiration, energy and confidence.

This gorgeous garnet set from Gem Stone King allows you to wrap yourself in the stone’s exhilarating energy. Feel the inspiration as garnet’s rich crimson hue fills you with zest for life.

Ideal for Any January Girl

Make her January birthday extra special with the gift of garnet, her beautiful birthstone. These timeless pieces will be cherished for years to come. The high quality sterling silver chain and post backs ensure lasting durability. Meanwhile, the exquisite garnets at the center remain eternally eye-catching.

Your special birthday girl will be delighted to show off these meaningful garnets all January long. She’ll feel your love each time she slips on this personalized birthstone jewelry you picked just for her.

Glowing Beauty for Brides and Bridal Parties

Looking for a gift as unique as your bride on her special day? Stand out from the crowd by gifting her garnet jewelry. The stones pinkish-red hue looks gorgeous next to bridal whites and ivories.

Garnets also symbolize eternal love – a meaningful sentiment for the bride. She will shine confidently down the aisle knowing she has her something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…and garnets!

For the bridal party, garnets make a thoughtful bridesmaid gift. The red stones and rose gold plating complement any wedding color palette. The bride will love having her girls glow in gorgeous garnet jewelry beside her.

An Exquisite Anniversary Gift

Year after year, your love is as strong as the first day you met. Commemorate your enduring bond by exchanging garnet jewelry on your next anniversary.

In ancient times, garnet gifts symbolized a couples everlasting love and commitment. Today, garnets remain an eternally romantic gem. This gorgeous set conveys, “My passion for you will never fade.” Make your next anniversary one to remember with meaningful garnet keepsakes.

The Perfect Way to Say “Thank You”

Show your gratitude in glittering style with these beautiful garnet earrings and bracelet. Your recipient will light up with delight as she unwraps the keepsake box. She will be touched knowing your appreciation gift came straight from the heart.

What better way to thank that special teacher, mentor, or caregiver in your life? She will cherish this glamorous reminder of her invaluable support and guidance.

Even for casual gratitude among friends, garnets add a thoughtful touch. The next time your bestie gets you through a hard day, surprise her with garnets as a token of your thanks. She’ll be overjoyed with your meaningful gesture.

Share the Gift of Inspiration

Do you have a breathtaking friend who inspires you daily with her fearless spirit? Share that inspirational energy back to her with the gift of garnet.

Historically, garnets have signified passion and creativity. Give your vivacious friend garnets so she can continue igniting the world. She’ll be empowered knowing her light touches others.

Let the garnets remind her to boldly pursue her purpose. Their deep crimson glow will give her confidence and energy to shine her brightest every day.


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