Gem Stone King Oval Tanzanite Engagement Ring with Lab Grown Diamonds – December Birthstone


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Make a memorable proposal with this exquisite oval tanzanite engagement ring from Gem Stone King. A striking oval tanzanite gemstone showcases its rich, vivid blue hue at the center, accented by a frame of brilliant round lab grown diamonds. With its unique color and thoughtful birthstone meaning, this ring is perfect for popping the big question.

Stunning Oval Tanzanite Center Gemstone

The eye-catching centerpiece of the ring is a beautiful 6x4mm oval tanzanite gemstone, exhibiting the alluring blue-violet color that tanzanite is treasured for. With a total carat weight of 0.46 ct, the oval tanzanite has exceptional clarity and sparkling brilliance. No two tanzanites are exactly alike, making each one unique. The oval cut elegantly elongates the shape of the gem to create a sophisticated and flattering look when worn.

Meaningful December Birthstone

Tanzanite serves as the traditional birthstone for December. Its vivid blue color symbolizes rarity and beauty, making it a thoughtful choice for an engagement ring. A ring featuring a December birthstone holds special significance for proposals during the holiday season. For any woman born in December, this tanzanite ring will be even more meaningful as a wearable birthstone.

Sparkling Lab Grown Diamond Accents

Encircling the mesmerizing oval tanzanite are brilliant round lab grown diamonds. These cultured diamonds exhibit the same optical, chemical, and physical characteristics as mined diamonds, with impressive brilliance and fire. The lab grown diamonds total 0.23 carats in weight, with near colorless grades that allow their light to shine brightly. The diamonds provide the perfect embellishment to accentuate the center gemstone.

High Quality 925 Sterling Silver Band

The genuine tanzanite and lab grown diamonds are secured in a setting crafted from 925 sterling silver. Known for its bright white luster and resistance to tarnish, the 925 sterling silver provides a precious metal backdrop that enhances the colorful center stone. The thin band has a comfortable 2mm width and polished finish.

Exceptional Craftsmanship and Value

Gem Stone King is known for exceptional quality craftsmanship and value. Their focus is on creating beautiful gemstone and diamond jewelry with premium materials and quality construction. This engagement ring has luxury details at an affordable price point, making it accessible for proposals on any budget.

Surprise Her with a Unique Engagement Ring

Stand out from the crowd by proposing with this one-of-a-kind tanzanite engagement ring. The mesmerizing December birthstone offers a unique alternative to traditional diamond rings. Its rarity and exotic color will absolutely delight any bride-to-be. Available in sizes 5 to 9, you can select the perfect fit for her finger. Presented in a complimentary gift box, it’s ready to give as you pop the big question!

Gemstone Jewelry Inspired by Nature

Gem Stone King showcases the natural beauty of unique gemstones in their nature-inspired collections. Specializing in engagement rings and fine jewelry, they believe stunning design should still be accessible. With an enjoyable shopping experience and outstanding service, Gem Stone King has become a trusted destination for thoughtful jewelry gifts.

Make your proposal unforgettable with this exceptional oval tanzanite engagement ring. Her breath will be taken away when she sees the December birthstone’s captivating color and sophisticated style. Let your love shine with a ring as unique as your bond. Shop Gem Stone King’s collection today!


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