Gem Stone King Vibrant Green Sterling Silver Genuine Jade Hoop Earrings


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Experience the mesmerizing beauty of natural jade with these stunning 0.5 inch hoop earrings by Gem Stone King. Featuring vibrant green jade paired with lustrous 925 sterling silver, these earrings showcase the captivating brilliance of genuine jadestone.

The radiant green hue of these earrings mimics the rich coloration found in high quality jade gemstones. Jade has been treasured for millennia by cultures around the world, especially in Asia where it is revered as the imperial gemstone. According to Chinese tradition, jade embodies the five virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage. Ancient royalty and warriors would often adorn themselves in jade jewelry and artifacts as symbols of protection and moral purity.

In these modern hoop earrings, the enduring magnificence of jade is beautifully showcased. The jade has been carefully selected by Gem Stone King’s experts for its mesmerizing green clarity and luscious transparency. No two jade gemstones exhibit the exact same patterning and structure, making each earring uniquely eye-catching.

The vibrant jade stones are secured in sleek sterling silver settings. Sterling silver is renowned for its radiance and tarnish-resistance, making it the perfect metal to complement the crystalline green jade. With a high purity of 92.5% fine silver, the settings have been polished to a brilliant shine.

The earrings feature a trendy hoop design that elegantly outlines the ear. The slender hoop measures 0.5 inches in diameter for a lightweight and comfortable fit. It fastens securely with hinged snap post closures. The closures ensure the earrings stay comfortably in place all day, allowing you to enjoy their beauty without fuss.

Meticulous attention to detail elevates these jade hoops into a sophisticated jewelry piece. They exhibit superior craftsmanship in every angle, from the smooth polish of the silver to the protected prong settings of the jade. Built to last, they will maintain their luxurious brilliance when cared for properly. Never submerge jade in water or use harsh chemicals when cleaning. Instead, gently wipe with a damp soft cloth to restore their natural radiance.

The striking yet versatile design makes these genuine jade hoop earrings ideal for both day-to-day wear and special occasions. Pair them with casual outfits like jeans and tees to instantly elevate your look. Or, dress them up with cocktail attire for an event, adding a refined pop of color. Their classic styling also makes them an elegant heirloom gift for loved ones.

Product Highlights:

– Vibrant green jade gemstones, 0.5 x 0.5 inches
– Rich, saturated hue reflects light beautifully
– Secured in polished 925 sterling silver settings
– Slender hoop silhouette, 0.5 inch diameter
– Hinged post closure for secure, comfy fit
– Premium artistry and attention to detail
– Arrives in an elegant gift box

Bring home the enduring beauty of natural jade with these stunning hoop earrings. Their vibrant green stones evoke the exotic allure of imperial jade jewelry in a modern, minimalist setting. Slip them on to infuse your look with radiance and color.

What Customers Are Saying:

“These hoops are so beautiful! The jade is such a rich, jewel-tone green and really pops in the light. I love the silver setting too. Simple but still intricate in design. These became my go-to earrings instantly!”

“Bought these as a birthday gift for my best friend and she absolutely loves them! She always gets compliments when she wears them out, they are such a unique pair of earrings. The color of the jade stones is beyond stunning. So glad I bought them!”

“I don’t usually wear hoop earrings but I couldn’t resist these. The jade adds such an elegant touch and they feel lightweight when on. I wear them all the time, whether I’m dressing up or down. Definitely a new staple in my jewelry collection!”

“These make a wonderful gift for my daughter’s graduation and she loves them! They are delicate enough for everyday wear but still have presence. The jade stones are really high quality and so vivid in color. Would absolutely recommend.”


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