INOWL Couples Bracelets – Long Distance Touch Bracelets for Lovers, Family & Friends – Smart Interactive Matching Jewelry Gift


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Stay connected no matter the distance with the INOWL long distance touch bracelets. These innovative matching couples bracelets allow you to send a loving touch to your significant other, family member or friend whenever you are thinking of them.

Send a Loving Touch Anywhere in the World

Simply tap your INOWL bracelet and your partner’s bracelet will gently vibrate, letting them know you are thinking of them. No matter if you are in the same city or across the globe, these matching bracelets keep you feeling close. The subtle vibration is perfect for sending a private, loving message without distracting your partner when they are busy.

Express Your Feelings Instantly

With the INOWL long distance bracelets, you can instantly share your affection across any distance. Surprise your partner with a touch when you are thinking of them or celebrate special moments together from afar. The bracelets allow you to send your emotions in real time, keeping your connection strong.

Stay in Touch from Anywhere

The INOWL couples bracelets use innovative Bluetooth technology to enable communication around the world. As long as your bracelet is charged, you can send touches to your partner’s matching bracelet using the mobile app from anywhere on the planet. You’ll never be out of range to share your love.

Customize Your Experience

Use the INOWL app to customize your long distance touch bracelets experience. Set specific vibration patterns to identify touches from your partner. Create groups to send touches to multiple bracelets at once, perfect for families. Adjust the strength of the vibration so your loving messages are discreet or obvious.

Smart Safety Features

In addition to enabling loving communication, the INOWL bracelets also have smart safety features. The SOS alarm can quickly send your location to predetermined contacts’ phone numbers in case of emergency. Always feel protected, even when you are far from your loved ones.

Beautiful Matching Bracelet Design

The INOWL touch bracelets have a stylish, minimalist design that looks beautiful on women and men. The women’s bracelet features a sleek steel band with an adjustable chain, perfect for a custom fit. The men’s version has a masculine Cuban link chain bracelet in a striking two-tone metal. Both bracelets are thoughtfully engraved with the word “love” on the back.

High Quality Materials

These interactive matching bracelets are crafted from durable, high-quality materials designed to last through daily wear. The steel construction provides excellent strength while still being comfortable on your wrist. The durable chains and engraved lettering are resistant to fading and wear over time.

Thoughtful Gift for Loved Ones

The INOWL long distance touch bracelets make an extremely thoughtful gift for your significant other, family members or close friends. They allow you to feel truly connected and send loving thoughts no matter where you are in the world. The matching design highlights your special relationship.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Getting started with your INOWL bracelets is quick and easy. Simply download the app, pair each bracelet and start sending discreet touches instantly. The app lets you customize the experience to your preferences and set up safety features in just a few taps. Intuitive controls make these bracelets effortless to operate.

Send your love around the world with the INOWL long distance touch bracelets. Their innovative technology facilitates meaningful connections, ideal for couples, families and close friends. Order your matching set today!


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