Marquise Cut Halo Diamond Wedding Ring Set 1.25 Carat Total 14K Gold


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Celebrate Your Love with This Stunning Marquise Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Set

Your search for the perfect engagement ring ends here with this exquisite marquise cut halo diamond ring set from our store. This bridal set features a total diamond carat weight of 1.25 carats for maximum sparkle and brilliance.

The centerpiece of this ring is the eye-catching 0.75 carat marquise cut diamond. Known for its football-shaped elegance, the marquise cut elongates the finger and makes the diamond appear larger than its carat weight. This diamond is near colorless (G-H color grade) and has impressive clarity (SI1-SI2). Surrounding the center stone is a halo of 30 round brilliant cut diamonds (I-J color, I2-I3 clarity) totaling 0.50 carats. These diamonds add extra shine and dimension to the marquise center stone.

The marquise diamond and halo are prong set in lustrous 14k yellow, white or rose gold. The slim band is comfortably curved and tapers gently for a delicate, feminine look. The engagement ring and wedding band fit together beautifully for a coordinated two-ring bridal set.

Make a Statement with the Marquise Diamond
Also known as the “navette” cut, the marquise diamond dates back to 18th century France when it was commissioned by King Louis XV for his mistress Madame de Pompadour. The elongated shape was meant to mimic the perfect shape of Madame de Pompadour’s mouth.

Today, marquise cut diamonds make a glamorous statement on the finger. The football shape creates the illusion of greater size compared to other diamond shapes of the same carat weight. This makes the marquise an budget-friendly option for getting a larger look. The narrow shape also slenderizes and flatters the hand.

This marquise diamond ring set brings together history, beauty and elegance. Surprise your loved one with the gift of timeless style and make a lifelong promise.

Halo Setting for Maximum Sparkle
Take the dazzle up a notch with the halo diamond setting. A halo ring features a center gemstone surrounded by a frame of smaller diamonds to amplify its brilliance. The halo effect makes the center stone appear larger and more impressive.

The 0.75 carat marquise diamond at the center of this ring is encircled by 30 bright round diamonds totaling 0.50 carats. The diamonds catch and reflect light from all angles for showstopping fire and sparkle. A halo never fails to add extra wow factor!

Bridal Set for Her Perfect Pair
Complete her engagement ring with a coordinating wedding band for a cohesive bridal jewelry set. Our matching band and engagement ring are designed to fit together seamlessly. Both rings feature the same metal type and diamond quality for optimal harmony.

The curved band echos the lines of the center engagement ring. Its tapered shape provides a slimming effect. Worn together, the two rings look like they were destined for each other.

Gift your bride-to-be the gift of not just one, but two gorgeous rings to symbolize your lifelong union. This bridal set will be cherished as a daily reminder of your everlasting love and commitment.

Celebrate Your Love Story with Marquise Cut Diamond Rings
Your love is unique – your engagement ring should be too! Make a statement with the marquise cut, one of the most distinctive diamond shapes. Its elongated “football” shape has an elegant, eye-catching look that will turn heads.

Marquise diamonds date back centuries but feel fashion-forward and fresh. Pop the question with a marquise engagement ring steeped in tradition yet contemporary in style. Make the marquise diamond’s comeback complete!

Compared to the ubiquitous round brilliant, the marquise cut offers something different. Stand out from the crowd with an engagement ring that reflects your one-of-a-kind relationship. With its slenderizing, flattering effect on the finger, the marquise shape also emphasizes femininity and grace.

The marquise diamond’s rich history calls to mind times of luxury and opulence. Let this ring transport you to eras past. Feel like royalty as together you start the next chapter in your love story.

Halo Setting for Maximum Impact
Take your marquise center stone to the next level with a halo setting. A halo ring features a center gemstone surrounded by a frame of smaller diamonds to amplify its brilliance. The halo effect makes the center stone appear larger and more impressive.

Our marquise halo ring has 30 round diamonds (0.50 ct total weight) encircling the elegant 0.75 marquise center stone. The halo catches and reflects light from all sides for a dazzling display of fire and sparkle. A halo never fails to add extra glamour and visual intrigue!

Complete Your Set with a Wedding Band
Make this marquise engagement ring a bridal set by adding a coordinating curved wedding band. Our slim, tapered band is designed to integrate seamlessly with the engagement ring. Both rings feature lustrous 14k yellow, white or rose gold and high quality diamonds for optimal harmony.

Exchange beautiful stacked rings to symbolize the two of you becoming one. Wear them daily as sparkling reminders of your everlasting commitment and love. Gifting the bridal set also allows you to give her not just one gorgeous ring, but two!

The Most Important Ring of Her Life
As you get down on one knee, make this marquise halo ring the most memorable one she’ll ever receive. The elegant marquise diamond shape brings timeless beauty and grace to this special moment. Let the brilliance of the halo setting reflect the radiance of your love.

When she says “yes!” to your proposal, slip this bridal set on her finger. The rings will become her most cherished keepsakes and reminders of your life together. Let our stunning diamond ring set capture the magic as you embark on your happily ever after.


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