Montana Silversmiths Men’s Western Lifestyle Bracelet


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Capture the spirit of the open range with the Montana Silversmiths Men’s Western Lifestyle Bracelet. This handsome piece blends silver, leather, and turquoise accents into a rugged accessory inspired by the landscapes and lifestyles of the American West.

Crafted from silver plated brass, the bracelet base provides sturdy structure while nodding to silversmithing traditions. Southwest motifs like lassos, boots, cattle skulls, and more are intricately engraved across the metal, celebrating icons of ranch life. These small details showcase the quality and attention that Montana Silversmiths is known for.

Rich brown leather is intricately braided down the length of the bracelet, evoking the handcrafted gear used by cowboys. Small curved tabs trimmed in silver plated brass bookend the braid at each end. The leather is secured with sturdy snap closures that allow for custom sizing.

Synthetic turquoise cabochons dot the leather braid, providing pops of color reminiscent of the blue skies over desert mesas. These stones coordinate with the silver and leather to create a color palette inspired by the landscapes of the Southwest.

With a rugged yet refined look, this bracelet transitions seamlessly from the ranch to the office to a night out. It becomes an instant conversation starter about Western heritage and lifestyles. The engraved motifs make it easy to personalize for the cowboy, rancher, or Western enthusiast in your life.

For over 50 years, Montana Silversmiths has crafted quality jewelry and accessories celebrating the spirit of the American West. Based out of Columbus, Montana, they draw inspiration from the local landscapes, people, and traditions. Their attention to detail and mix of contemporary style with Western motifs makes their pieces wearable works of art.

The Montana Silversmiths Men’s Western Lifestyle Bracelet arrives packaged in a distinctive gift box, perfect for celebrating birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. It makes a meaningful gift for the cowboy, rancher, or Americana enthusiast in your life. Treat yourself to a piece of wearable cowboy heritage with this handcrafted bracelet.


  • Silver plated brass metal base engraved with Southwest motifs
  • Brown leather braid accented with silver plated brass caps
  • Dotted with synthetic turquoise cabochons
  • Snap closures for customized fit
  • Dimensions: 9″ long x 0.74″ wide x 0.43″ deep
  • Weighs: 2.4 oz

Care Instructions

Keep away from water and chemicals to preserve the quality and appearance of the leather and plated silver. Use a clean, dry soft cloth to gently wipe away any dirt or dust. When not being worn, store in the included gift box to prevent tangling and scratches.


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