PalmBeach Jewelry Yellow Gold-Plated or Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Round Bead Simulated Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Ring


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Adorn your fingers with the luminous sophistication of this stunning ring from PalmBeach Jewelry. Crafted in platinum-plated sterling silver, this gorgeous piece features a large, 12mm round simulated pearl as the eye-catching centerpiece. The pearl is encircled by a halo of 11 sparkling cubic zirconia stones, adding just the right amount of brilliance. Two smaller simulated pearls sit on either side, completing the look. At the base, cubic zirconia stones continue halfway down the shank, giving this ring even more flash and fire.

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With its combination of pearl and cubic zirconia, this ring embodies timeless elegance. It will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or just going out to dinner. The luminescent pearl has a soft, organic beauty that plays off the bright, crystalline shine of the cubic zirconia stones. Together, they create a look that manages to be eye-catching yet subtle at the same time.

An Heirloom-Quality Classic

This isn’t your average ring – the quality is apparent at first glance. Crafted in platinum-plated sterling silver containing 5.8 grams of .925 sterling silver, it has a pleasing substantial feel. While affordable, this ring looks and feels luxurious, unlike cheaper rings made from plated alloys. The plating has a bright finish that will maintain its shine for years to come with proper care.

Universal Style

Pearls and silver are a pairing that never goes out of fashion. This ring has an elegant, versatile look that will seamlessly work for both casual and formal outfits. Dress it up with a cocktail dress or wear it to add a touch of polish to jeans and a tee. It also makes a great gift for any woman or teen girl with its ageless, classy design.

The silhouette is substantial yet elegant. With its domed shape and intricate metalwork, this ring makes a statement without being overly flashy. It has presence on the finger without feeling bulky or oversized. The shape is universally flattering as well – the rounded design complements any finger.

The Perfect Accent Piece

This ring is designed to be an accent piece, not a solo act. It’s the perfect finishing touch to pull any outfit together. Pair it with simple stud earrings to let this ring take center stage. For extra sparkle, match it with a tennis bracelet or diamond pendant necklace. It also stacks beautifully with thinner plain metal rings.

Make a Statement

While understated enough for everyday, this ring can also help you stand out in a crowd. The substantial size and sparkling stones are sure to attract attention. It’s bold enough for a proposal or anniversary ring, especially in the platinum-plated version. The platinum finishing gives it an ultra-luxe look.

For an extra dose of glam, consider the yellow gold-plated version. The warm gold tone contrasts beautifully with the cool, organic pearl. This ring makes a gorgeous statement piece for a classy night out on the town. Slip it on with a black dress for an ensemble that exudes sleek confidence.

Superb Craftsmanship

From the graceful contours to the hand-set stones, it’s evident that skilled artisans crafted this stunner. PalmBeach Jewelry has been creating jewelry since 1909, and that experience shows in their commitment to quality. Based in the jewelry district of Providence, Rhode Island, their team pours care into each piece.

This ring displays superb attention to detail. The central pearl has a smooth, lustrous sheen, topped with a faceted stone for extra dimensionality. The halo of cubic zirconia stones encircle the pearl with precision, optimizing the brilliance. Even the side pearls have been hand selected and matched for symmetry. From every angle, this ring delights the eye.

Cubic Zirconia vs. Diamonds

While diamond rings can cost thousands, this ring gives you the look of diamonds at a fraction of the price. The cubic zirconia stones have the same dazzling facets and refractive properties as mined diamonds. Cubic zirconia is composed of zirconium oxide, making it remarkably close to diamond in hardness and brilliance. These manmade stones outshine lesser quality simulated diamonds. Compared to crystals or rhinestones, cubic zirconia has more flash and fire.

Of course, diamonds do have rarity on their side. But for an affordable ring that sparkles and shines like the real thing, opt for the brilliance of cubic zirconia. The plating further elevates the look, giving this ring a high-end appearance that belies the accessible price point.

Perfectly Packaged

Part of the joy of jewelry is unboxing a special new piece. PalmBeach Jewelry includes polished packaging for a pleasant presentation. The ring arrives in a compact gift box, ready to delight any lucky recipient. A drawstring jewelry pouch is also included, ideal for safekeeping this ring pristine while traveling or storing.

Buy With Confidence

When you choose PalmBeach Jewelry, you can be confident that thoughtful care and quality craftsmanship went into your jewelry. This company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, emphasizing customer satisfaction. Enjoy free shipping and easy returns if you aren’t completely happy with your purchase.

For a ring that embodies timeless sophistication, this platinum or gold-plated pearl and cubic zirconia beauty fits the bill. Let the luminous pearl and brilliant stones shine from your finger. This PalmBeach Jewelry stunner will become an instant favorite!


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