Peora Simulated Alexandrite Ring – Stunning Color-Change Gemstone Ring in Rhodium Sterling Silver


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This mesmerizing simulated alexandrite ring showcases a vibrant, color-changing center stone with brilliant sparkle. The focal point is a 1.75 carat radiant cut lab-created alexandrite, displaying a rare phenomenon called the “alexandrite effect”. It shifts colors from raspberry red to emerald green depending on lighting conditions. This mystifying gemstone ring will have her captivated by its ever-changing hues.

The simulated alexandrite measures 8x6mm for impressive size and presence. Its emerald green color glows under natural daylight or fluorescent light. Under incandescent light, the stone transforms into a vibrant raspberry red. This chameleon-like color change resembles rare natural alexandrite, making it a truly unique and exotic gem.

The contemporary ring setting pairs the mesmerizing stone with a sleek sterling silver link chain band. Two lines of open rhombuses join together under the center stone for contemporary style. Rhodium plating gives the sterling silver a brilliant white finish that provides sharp contrast to the color-changing alexandrite.

This modern ring design allows maximum light to enter the translucent gem from all angles, showcasing its full spectrum of dazzling colors. Comfort-fit shaping on the inside of the band delivers a smooth, secure everyday fit. Surprise her with the gift of ever-changing beauty she’ll adore wearing every day.

The Allure of Genuine Alexandrite
Alexandrite is one of the rarest, most valuable gemstones in the world, valued even above emerald and ruby. Named after the Russian Tsar Alexander II, natural alexandrite displaying the color change phenomenon is only found in very limited quantities, mainly in Russia and Sri Lanka. This rarity and mystique fuels the allure of this phenomenon.

In mineralogy, alexandrite is a variety of chrysoberyl. Traces of chromium in the crystal structure cause alexandrite’s chameleon-like color change. The very same stone can display emerald green, bluish green, or raspberry red tones depending on the light source. This makes natural alexandrite expensive and difficult to obtain. Our skilled gemcutters recreate the spellbinding color change using simulated alexandrite at a fraction of the cost.

Thoughtful Gift for June Birthdays
In addition to its rarity and intrigue, alexandrite is one of the modern birthstones for June. It joins pearl and moonstone as the traditional and modern birthstones for June. The simulated alexandrite’s green and purple hues evoke the lush greenery and blooming flowers of early summer.

If you’re looking for a personal gift to delight a June birthday girl or loved one born in June, this simulated alexandrite ring is a distinctive choice. The ever-changing colors add character that makes it uniquely hers. She can stack it with her birthstone ring for extra meaning. Of course, the mesmerizing color change gives this ring year-round appeal for any important woman in your life.

Rhodium-Plated .925 Sterling Silver Setting
To complement the simulated alexandrite centerpiece, this ring is crafted in premium sterling silver. The .925 silver purity gives it a brilliant white look when plated with rhodium. This prevents tarnishing for long-lasting shine and provides strong contrast against the color-changing stone.

Sterling silver is a timeless classic for jewelry because it’s more affordable than platinum and white gold, without sacrificing beauty or durability. It won’t provoke skin reactions like cheaper alloys, making this ring comfortable and hypoallergenic. The contemporary link chain band adds modern style that looks beautiful from every angle.

Superior Quality Craftsmanship
This simulated alexandrite ring is proudly designed and crafted by Peora, a leading online jewelry company based in the USA. Our team of skilled artisans handcrafts each piece to bring you luxury-quality jewelry without the premium price tag. We use only ethically sourced, premium lab-created gemstones and the finest noble metals.

You can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of rare alexandrite worry-free. Our simulated gems have the same optical properties as natural alexandrite at a fraction of the price. Your ring comes beautifully packaged in a signature Peora gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Wear it with confidence knowing it’s an authentic piece made to last.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion
A ring featuring this exceptionally rare, color-changing phenomenon makes a gift she’ll never forget. Surprise her with this Peora simulated alexandrite ring to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, holiday, Valentine’s Day, or as an engagement ring. The ever-changing hues give this ring enduring intrigue that reflects your unique, one-of-a-kind relationship.

If you’re looking for fine jewelry that balances beauty, quality and price, this genuine simulated alexandrite ring is sure to exceed your expectations. She’ll be delighted to show off its color-changing magic to friends and family. Watch her face light up as she first discovers this mesmerizing ring! Our signature gift box adds that final special touch.


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