Ross-Simons Italian 14kt Yellow Gold Square Personalized Name Ring


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Make a bold personalized statement with this luxurious 14kt yellow gold square name ring by Ross-Simons. The ring features a wide band with a square nameplate on top, allowing you to customize with an engraved name, word or initials.

Striking Square Nameplate Design

This ring stands out with its wide 3/4 inch band and prominent square nameplate design on top. The nameplate provides ample space for engraving a name, word, or initials in a large, legible font. The personalized name inscription adds a unique touch.

Personalize with Any Name or Word

Customize this ring with your name, a loved one’s name, or any special word or phrase up to 9 characters. The nameplate is designed to fit most names, initials, or short meaningful words elegantly. Make this a one-of-a-kind ring with personalization.

Substantial 14kt Yellow Gold

This ring is crafted from 14kt yellow gold, an ideal balance between affordability and durability. The 14kt gold is designed to maintain its beautiful, radiant yellow tone over years of wear. This substantial, quality ring has 58.3% pure gold mixed with copper and silver for strength.

Bold, Polished Finish

The wide band and nameplate have a polished, high-shine finish that gleams beautifully. The polished gold finish gives this ring a smooth, sleek look that perfectly complements the personalized name.

Comfortable, Everyday Wear

Despite the bold square design, this ring remains comfortable for daily wear. The 3/4 inch wide band sits smoothly against the finger. The nameplate has rounded edges and corners so it does not catch.

Perfect for Special Occasions

This personalized name ring makes a memorable gift for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and holidays. The custom nameplate can commemorate any special recipient or occasion. It also makes a unique alternative engagement or wedding ring.

High-Quality Italian Craftsmanship

Skilled Italian artisans expertly handcraft this ring to create a sharp, flawless finish. Ross-Simons ensures the quality and accuracy of each customized name engraving.

Make a statement every time you wear this substantial 14kt gold square personalized name ring. The special engraving makes it a meaningful keepsake.


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