SHASHI Women’s Evil Eye Pave Cubic Zirconia Bracelet in Sterling Silver


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Adorn your wrist with the mesmerizing beauty of this Sterling Silver evil eye bracelet by SHASHI. A dazzling pave-set cubic zirconia evil eye charm dangles delicately from a double-strand of lustrous cable chains. This elegant design provides a modern twist on the iconic evil eye motif.

At the bracelet’s center, the sterling silver evil eye measures 22mm x 14mm. The eye itself showcases black enamel accents around a captivating blue cubic zirconia iris. Encircling the eye, 68 clear cubic zirconia stones pave-set in sterling silver radiate with crystalline brilliance.

From the bottom of the eye, a sterling silver latch connects the pendant to two interlinked 10.5 inch cable chains. The double-strand design ensures comfortably balanced wear. It also enables the charm to spin and catch the light gorgeously from all angles.

The entire bracelet measures just over 10 inches and fastens securely with a lobster claw clasp.

Full of style and symbolic meaning, this bracelet makes a thoughtful gift. The classic evil eye motif is thought to provide protection against ill-wishing and misfortune across many cultures. In Mediterranean and Middle Eastern traditions especially, the symbol serves as an amulet to deflect envy.

Formed of solid sterling silver, the evil eye bracelet will maintain its radiance for years to come. Sterling silver’s 92.5% purity gives it beauty and luster rivaling white gold, at a more affordable price. This heirloom-quality bracelet arrives packaged in an elegant gift box, perfect for celebrating a special occasion.

SHASHI’s skilled artisans handcraft all pieces to the highest standards. The brand combines age-old motifs with of-the-moment details suited for the modern woman’s jewelry wardrobe. Discover their unique collection of evil eye charms and other eternal jewelry staples.

For any unsatisfied customer, SHASHI provides a 60-day return window from shipment. Enjoy free shipping, easy returns, and excellent customer care when you shop with confidence at SHASHI.

Add an intriguing, eye-catching allure to your jewelry collection with this exquisite evil eye bracelet. The dazzling pave cubic zirconia design infuses the time-honored evil eye charm with contemporary elegance.

An Ancient Symbol for Modern Times

Remaining popular worldwide, the evil eye has maintained deep roots across many ancient civilizations. It remains a ubiquitous symbol and style motif into the present day.

The evil eye’s iconic, simple design belies the immense history and cultural significance it carries. Used for millennia as a protective talisman, the striking eye/iris image serves to deflect ill-wishing and negativity across many spiritual traditions.

In Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and West Asian cultures especially, the evil eye pendant or charm is ubiquitous. It commonly adorns everything from jewelry to wall hangings to protectively watch over all who pass by.

Jewelry Steeped in Fashion and Meaning

While the evil eye has ancient origins, its symbolic power, bold aesthetics, and elegant mystique resonate as much today as ever. It remains a mainstream jewelry trend offering beauty, personality, and personal significance to the wearer.

An evil eye bracelet or necklace keeps this timeless symbol elegantly close. It provides a stylish reminder of the wisdom passed down through generations: to remain optimistic and not give in to envy or spite.

From runway models to bohemian fashionistas to punk rockers, all modern fashion niches incorporate the classic evil eye. Chains and bracelets dangling with sapphire and diamond evil eyes offer luxury shine. Delicate evil eye anklets express a subtle, meaningful personal touch.

Evil eye rings boldly adorn fingers as striking symbols of protection. And evil eye stud earrings give everyday work outfits an intriguing element. The options are endless for integrating this eternal allure into your own signature look.

A Perfect Gift

Friends and family will appreciate the thoughtfulness of an evil eye bracelet as a birthday, holiday, or milestone gift.

The evil eye makes a meaningful present for someone setting out on a new journey – a graduation trip, study abroad experience, or move to a new city. Its protective qualities will accompany them on their adventure as a reminder of your care and hopes for their future success.

For a loved one facing illness or misfortune, an evil eye bracelet delivers comfort, well wishes, and encouragement. The durable sterling silver design will provide optimism during difficult times andoptimism during difficult times and serve as an uplifting keepsake.

Or simply give the gift of stylish protection to your fashionable friend who will appreciate the enduring mystique of the classic evil eye motif.

No matter what the occasion, an evil eye bracelet jewelry makes a tasteful, thoughtful gift conveying your most positive energy.


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