Sparkling Beauty: DIAMONBLISS 10K Gold Bezel-Set Simulated Birthstone Necklace for Women


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Adorn yourself in classic elegance with this exquisite DIAMONBLISS birthstone necklace. Handcrafted from lustrous 10K yellow gold, this dainty pendant features a dazzling round bezel-set simulated birthstone that seems to glow from within. Let this timeless jewelry piece become your signature for special occasions or everyday wear.

Simulated Gemstone Sparkles with Brilliance

At the heart of this pendant lies a gleaming 0.25 carat simulated birthstone in your choice of month. Our meticulous quality control ensures only the most eye-catching stones make it into our finished pieces. Expertly cut in a brilliant round, light enters the cubic zirconia and dances within, giving off flashes of rainbow brilliance mimicking the scintillation of a mined gem. The bezel setting encircles the stone in a thin rim of solid gold, showcasing the radiance within.

Complete the Look: Layering Made Easy

The versatile 16-18″ cable chain allows you to customize the length simply by adjusting where you clasp it. Wear it long and let the pendant sit just below your collarbone. Go for a short choker-length look perfect for crew necks and jewel necks. Or try layering it with your other favorite necklaces for a trendy stacked style.

Comfortable and Hypoallergenic

Crafted from 10K solid yellow gold, you can enjoy wearing this necklace all day long with zero irritation. The high karat gold lacks nickel and lead, making this pendant hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Take it from desk to dinner or wear in the shower – this gold will keep its luminous finish and never tarnish.

Gift Ready Packaging

Once you’ve chosen your ideal birth month stone, we’ll package it up in an elegant gift box topped with a bow. This makes for easy gifting for a birthday, holiday, or special milestone. Or simply give the gift of self-pampering with this sophisticated jewelry piece you’ll treasure for years.

Ethical Sourcing and Production

Based in the USA, Diamonbliss adheres to environmentally sustainable practices and sources materials through ethical means. We conduct extensive quality control checks at multiple points in the production process to maintain our brand’s reputation for stunning, high-quality jewelry you can feel good about wearing.

Celebrate Your Special Person with a Birthstone Necklace

Give a gift with personal meaning when you choose a birthstone pendant necklace. Select your loved one’s month to represent their uniqueness and cherished connection. Or collect them all over time to complete the set! Here are the birthstones for each month:

January – Garnet: The rich, red garnet represents faith, love, and constancy. A traditional 2nd anniversary gemstone.

February – Amethyst: This regal purple stone symbolizes peace, courage, and stability. The recognized 6th and 17th anniversary gem.

March – Aquamarine: The serene aquamarine stands for youth, hope, and health. Also given for 19th wedding anniversaries.

April – Diamond: A true classic, the diamond signifies love’s strength and eternity. Used for 60th anniversary and 10th for pastel diamonds.

May – Emerald: Lush green emeralds represent fertility, rebirth, and new beginnings. The 20th and 35th wedding anniversary gemstone.

June – Pearl: Elegant pearls stand for purity, innocence, faith, and new life. The traditional 1st anniversary gem.

July – Ruby: These passionate rubies represent devotion, integrity, and strength. Given on 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

August – Peridot: A light green, the peridot symbolizes strength and healing. The gemstone for 16th wedding anniversaries.

September – Sapphire: Sapphires in deep blue represent wisdom, virtue, and holiness. The 5th, 23rd and 45th anniversary gemstone.

October – Tourmaline: Multicolored tourmaline signifies a rainbow of qualities: devotion, friendship, and inspiration.

November – Topaz: Golden topaz radiates fortune, fruitfulness, and happiness. The 4th and 19th wedding anniversary gemstone.

December – Tanzanite: Tanzanite rarity and vivid violet color represents prosperity and positivity. The 24th wedding anniversary gemstone.

Complete Your Look with Matching Pieces

This focal pendant will integrate seamlessly into any outfit. For a coordinated look, explore our matching earrings, bracelets, and rings featuring simulated birthstones. Each item arrives in the same gift box packaging so you can give the complete jewelry set all at once or spread out the sparkling surprises.

Add an element of meaningful personalization to your jewelry collection with a DIAMONBLISS simulated birthstone necklace. The scintillating crystal against warm 10k gold makes this a cherished piece you’ll reach for again and again.


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