Swarovski Chroma Necklace, Earring & Bracelet Set: Glamorous Crystal Jewelry with Rhodium and Gold Tone Finish


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Adorn yourself in opulent crystal shine with the Chroma jewelry collection by Swarovski. This exquisite set includes a necklace, bracelet and pierced earrings accented with luminous clear and rose crystals.

Brilliant multifaceted cut stones in Swarovski’s signature sparkling clarity dangle gracefully from sleek rhodium and gold toned settings. The versatile neutral metal tones allow these statement pieces to complement both silver and gold jewelry wardrobes.

Treat yourself to the gift of timeless elegance or surprise a glamorous lady in your life. The Crystals from Swarovski label ensures the highest standard of quality. Swarovski’s master cutters hand-facet each crystal to maximize light refraction. The result is jewelry with exceptional fire and radiance for show-stopping style.

Product Features

  • Necklace, bracelet and earrings feature clear and rose hued Swarovski crystals
  • Rhodium plated and gold tone finishes on pendants and settings
  • Timeless and glamorous design suits both casual and formal wear
  • Swarovski’s signature precision cut faceted crystals
  • Crystals From Swarovski branding signifies quality assurance
  • Arrives packaged in Swarovski jewelry boxes

For over a century, Swarovski has specialized in crystal accessories that capture the imagination. Their global fashion leadership remains driven by innovation and meticulous craftsmanship.

This stunning Chroma collection exemplifies Swarovski’s passion for empowering women through brilliant design. The wearer is enveloped in sparkling light with each dance of clear and rose crystals. Feel confident and elegant for special occasions or everyday glamour.

Dazzling Jewels for Brides and Weddings

Make an impression that gleams and shines by adorning your bridal look with Swarovski crystal brilliance. Complement your gown’s elegance with the crystalline glow of these exquisite pieces. The neutral metals seamlessly match both silver and gold accented dresses.

Surprise your bridesmaids with glimmering Swarovski keepsakes to thank them for standing by your side. They’ll be touched by your meaningful gesture and honored to wear such dazzling jewels. The varied crystal colors work beautifully with any wedding palette.

Looking for a gift with timeless sparkle? Swarovski jewelry makes bridal party proposals and wedding gifts unforgettable. Each glamorous piece arrives gift ready in an elegant Swarovski box, perfect for saying “I do!”

Meaningful Milestone Gifts

Commemorate cherished moments with crystal shine! Swarovski jewelry makes for exquisite anniversary, graduation and birthday gifts. The distinctive faceted cuts make Swarovski crystals immediately recognizable and iconic.

Surprise them with sparkling elegance to celebrate major milestones or even just to brighten an ordinary day. No matter the occasion, Swarovski jewelry conveys your heartfelt sentiments in crystalline brilliance.

Effortless Elegance for Every Day

Elevate your daily style with a touch of refined glamour. Slip on this Swarovski set over jeans and a tee for an instant dose of polish. The iconic crystal designs add eye-catching shine without overpowering your look.

Transition seamlessly from workday professional to evening elegance. Switch your outfit but keep these dazzling Swarovski jewels in place. The versatile designs insist you shine confidently no matter where the night takes you.

For low-key weekends, a single Swarovski piece adds subtle sparkle. Run errands in glamorous earrings or relax at home with a crystal bracelet adorning your wrist. Wherever you go, Swarovski crystals make you feel radiant.

Caring for Your Crystals

With simple care, your Swarovski jewelry will maintain its brilliance for years. Avoid exposing the crystals to perfume, lotions or water. After wearing, gently clean with a lint-free cloth to remove oils and residue.

Store pieces carefully in the included Swarovski boxes to prevent scratches. Never use harsh chemicals or abrasives when cleaning. Allow your Swarovski jewels an occasional rest in the safety of their boxes.

By observing these care instructions, your crystals will sparkle eternally like new! Extend the life of your Swarovski jewelry while preserving its flawless beauty.

Shop Confidently with Swarovski

When you choose the Swarovski brand, you are ensured an exceptional standard of quality and brilliance. Their guarantee covers any manufacturing defects so you can shop worry-free.

Swarovski provides exceptional customer service and support if needed. However, issues are rare thanks to their meticulous craftsmanship and quality control. Expect nothing less than breathtaking brilliance from your Swarovski jewelry.

Indulge yourself in opulent crystalline shine or delight someone special with the gift of Swarovski. These lustrous jewels become priceless heirlooms, sparkling elegantly through the decades. Express your refined, glamorous style with the brilliance of Swarovski!


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