SWAROVSKI Constella Ring Set – Dazzling Crystals Capture the Brilliance of the Stars


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Adorn your fingers with the dazzling beauty of the cosmos with this stunning Constella ring set by SWAROVSKI. Featuring a constellation of clear crystals in various princess, round and pavé cuts, these rings let you experience the magic of the night sky.

Celestial Inspiration

Inspired by the dazzling stars in the night sky, these rhodium plated Constella rings are accented with a sparkling array of white crystals. The constellation design encircles your finger with timeless beauty and refined artistry. Let these rings transport you to a world of stardust and endless wonder.

Expert Austrian Craftsmanship

With over 120 years of jewelry making expertise, SWAROVSKI’s masterful artisans have finely crafted these rings in Austria. Meticulous attention to detail ensures maximum fire and brilliance from the crystals. Delicate yet durable, these rings showcase the highest standard of Austrian quality.

Dazzling Crystal Cuts

The crystals feature a variety of cuts including princess, round and pavé to maximize sparkle. The princess and round cuts reflect light brilliantly from their many facets. The pavé setting seamlessly combines smaller crystals for dramatic shimmer. No matter the angle, these rings radiate celestial beauty.

Rhodium Plated Band

The slender rhodium plated band complements the crystalline constellation with its cool grey tone. Subtle engraving along the edges adds textural detail. Rhodium provides excellent durability and a hypoallergenic surface for sensitive skin. Maintain the shine by cleaning with a soft lint-free cloth.

Wear Every Day or Save for Special Occasions

Equally perfect for everyday wear or special occasions, these dazzling yet understated rings transition effortlessly from day to night. Wear alone for a bold statement or stacked with other SWAROVSKI jewelry. Keep one and gift the other for a unique matching set.

The Perfect Gift

Presented in an elegant SWAROVSKI ring box, these Constella rings make an ideal gift for any occasion. Surprise your loved one with the gift of Austrian quality and celestial sparkle. These rings will be treasured as a symbol of your affection.

SWAROVSKI Quality Guarantee

SWAROVSKI individually inspects each product to guarantee flawless quality and brilliance. Enjoy your purchase knowing it meets SWAROVSKI’s unmatched standards. We stand behind the superior craftsmanship to give you confidence in your purchase.

Product Highlights

  • Set of 2 rhodium plated rings inspired by the night sky
  • Dazzling clear crystals in princess, round and pavé cuts
  • Made in Austria with expert SWAROVSKI craftsmanship
  • Slender band with engraved edges
  • Wear alone or stacked; ideal for everyday and special occasions
  • Presented in a SWAROVSKI ring box – perfect gift
  • SWAROVSKI quality guarantee

Treasure the magic of the cosmos with the brilliant shine of this SWAROVSKI Constella ring set. Subtle yet striking, these rhodium and crystal rings capture stardust on your fingers.


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