Vxddy His and Hers Adjustable Sunflower Promise Rings in Sterling Silver


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Surprise your loved one with the romantic symbolism of Vxddy’s his and hers sunflower promise rings. Beautifully expressing your commitment, these adjustable sterling silver bands feature an intricate sunflower and sun design. Wear them as a token of your growing love and plans for the future ahead.

Showing off stunning style, a 3D sunflower with textured petals and leaves adorns the top of each ring. Next to it, a charming etched sun radiates its smiling face. Together, they represent blossoming love and partnership. Turn the rings towards each other to create one unified design.

The vivid sunflower stands for loyalty, joy, and faith in your relationship. Its earthy, vibrant beauty reflects the warmth of your bond. The beaming sun shines light on your paths ahead together, symbolizing a bright future as a couple.

These rings have an open, adjustable wrapping band design that comfortably fits most finger sizes. Just slide them on and gently squeeze together to customize the fit. Their adaptability allows you to get the perfect size every time.

Crafted in polished sterling silver, these rings have a beautiful white gold look without the high price tag. The 18k gold plating adds a radiant luxury touch. Sterling silver gives them a tarnish-resistant shine that lasts for years to come.

Hypoallergenic and nickel-free, these rings offer comfortable all-day wear. Their smooth, rounded inner edges won’t pinch or scratch. The lightweight feel lets them stylishly accent your hand without weighing it down.

Surprise your partner with these promise rings to represent your growing affection. They make for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or birthday gift to show how much they mean to you.

Give them as friendship rings to honor your unbreakable bond. For couples, exchange them as pre-engagement rings before taking the next step. Let these sunflower bands pave the way for an eventual wedding ring exchange.

Capture Your Special Moments

Presenting these rings makes for a picturesque moment you’ll both cherish forever. Capture your reactions on camera as you exchange them as promise rings.

Slip them onto each other’s fingers while professing what your love means. Photograph your hands stacked together, showing off how the sunflower and sun designs complement one another.

At gatherings with friends, be sure to get photos showing off your matched set. The beautifully-packaged rings also make for great unboxing pictures and videos to look back on.

Let these rings shine as the perfect backdrop for engagement photos leading up to your wedding day. Their unique meaning will hold a special place in your hearts.

A Gift for Any Occasion

Surprise them with these sunflower promise rings to celebrate:

– Anniversaries: Let these rings reflect your first golden years together. Surprise your love after 1, 5, 10 or 25 years together.

– Valentine’s Day: Make their heart melt this V-Day with these romantic rings.

– Birthdays: Wrap up these rings for an unforgettable present.

– Christmas: Place them at the top of your holiday gift list.

– Mother’s Day: For new moms, cherish your little sunflower.

– Graduations: Cheer your favorite grad with these rings.

– Just Because: You don’t need a special occasion to show you care!

Ideal for Any Relationship

These charming sunflower rings work for any couple or pair!

Surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend to represent young love. Give your fiancé matching bands leading up to your big day. Place them next to your wedding rings as husband and wife.

Let these promise rings strengthen your friendship. Exchange them with your best friend to celebrate your unbreakable bond. Give your ring to your sibling or cousin to show mutual love and support.

Share these rings between mothers and daughters, nieces and aunts, grandmas and granddaughters. Their adjustable design fits every generation of special women.

Complete Confidence Guaranteed

Vxddy proudly designs fine sterling silver jewelry honoring love and life. Their team pours care into each handcrafted piece.

These rings arrive beautifully packaged, ready for gifting. Expect stunning rings with excellent polish, comfortable fit, and sentimental keepsake value.

Shop worry-free with Vxddy’s satisfaction guarantee. If you have any concerns, their friendly customer service team will promptly address them.

Exchange these sunflower promise rings as a symbol of your growing affection. Let the radiant sun shine positivity on the bright future ahead for you both.


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